Season 2 of Insecure premiered on HBO last Sunday and I was just as enamored  with the dialogue and content as I was the first time I watched the show. Issa’s ability to translate black womanhood in a comical way to the big screen is exceptional. Issa Rae has a uniquely awkward and funny way of depicting characters on screen. Every character is different yet almost  every character is black, which is a phenomena in television.

Insecure-unlike a lot of shows on t.v. today- depicts black people in a normal non-stereotypical way, which is sort of unheard of. So, when I first watched the show I was already empowered by the fact that majority of cast is black. I was then overjoyed when I realized none of the characters were being depicted in a stereotypical way. I was even more shocked when I realized that majority of the characters act differently. Every character on the show is able to be distinguished from the next. Which shocked me because usually when there is more than one person of color in a show or movie they tend to act the same but that’s not the case for Insecure.

Insecure will go down in history as one of the first 21st century televisions shows to do it for the culture. Solely because of the fact that the show represents back people in a normal and uplifting way,which is exactly what we as a society need to see. Insecure defies racial stereotypes and takes on everyday issues with a sense of humor. A true example of an underdog show, Insecure gives a voice to the underrepresented.


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