Chicago-born, Atlanta bred, Hezekiah Smith, better known as  Heze La Flare, is a rising rapper in the 404 who’s been in the game for just under a year. “I’ve always loved music. Music is always changing so, it’s almost impossible to not be interested in music. Music connects everyone, there’s something for everybody.” When in the creative process of making music, Heze’s influences come from artists such as Spooky Black, Lucki, Fauni Uno, and Playboy Carti. “Getting Guap,” his latest release, has received over 1,000 views in 15 days. “Getting Guap wasn’t even supposed to be Getting Guap. I had a whole book written to the beat, but I wasn’t feeling it so, I listened to the beat again  and decided to freestyle the hook. It ended up turning out better than the original track. The song was created on the way I was feeling at the moment and the lifestyle I was starting to live.” With fans anticipating new music, Heze claims he will not be releasing any mixtape or EPs any time soon, but plans to collaborate with music producers in Atlanta and Virginia to release singles soon. Needless to say, the anticipation is worth the wait. “I’m trying to do shows in Virginia over the summer. I get a lot of love in Virginia.” Heze La Flare’s ultimate goal is to be able to grow in the music industry and have the chance to say that he did so, independently, and allow those who were a part of the process to share in the success and experience.


To hear Heze La Flare’s latest tracks, visit is soundcloud:

Twitter: @fatbellyheze

IG: @hezelaflare

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