“Rappers is sweeter than lemonade, that’s why their career is Minute Maid.”   A couple bandz. A couple videos. A couple HITS. Rising high above the Houston hip-hop music scene, The Tribe continues to exceed their music expectations. Coming from their debut project, Superbag, Couple Bandz is a staple hit featuring artists, Sicko and Cartier P . With cutthroat lyrics, a savagery stigma, and clean production, The Tribe delivers one of the best singles of 2017. Throughout the visual, which was directed by Miachi, you can get the sense, and the vibe, that The Tribe cannot be touched, or messed with. They’re out to make great music and dominate the music scene. Aside from dropping hits, the Houston duo plans to release their first major project this summer, “New Stack City.”

Watch the Couple Bands visual below:


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