Beyoncé has continued to defy the odds in her career in terms of how she remains relevant. As she parted from Destiny’s Child the public was interested to see how she would become her own. A lot of artists don’t find success in breaking off from what they’ve always known, or they fall off the map. Beyoncé did the exact opposite, after becoming a solo artist, she created hits such as Single Ladies, Best I Ever Had, Girls Run The World, and many more. As much as we love simply listening to her in our everyday lives, what we love most as fans is seeing her in concert. She has always kept her concert experience relevant to what is going on, and left her love for performing all out on the floor. The work ethic she carries is undeniable, and it inspires every women in every stage of life to be fearless. As a lot of things have been occurring recently, she has continued to acknowledge what is taking place. Here is a couple recent things she’s done to shed light on issues in black culture:

1. Formation: This was a call for black people to rise up, and be encouraged in our hardship. During a tough time in the media, Beyoncé released formation challenging, and calling forth all the things that make black people beautiful. When she dropped the song, she accompanied it with a visual that clearly stated her stance on the deaths that were happening. The visuals included were her standing on a police car, and places the mothers of black boys/men that were killed within the past couple years. Essentially this was a call to action for the Black Lives Matter movement to continue being proud of representing the black community, and not loose our fight. Along with these visual/song, she performed at the Super Bowl this past year, and all her dancers were dress in the same fashion of The Black Panthers. At one of her concerts she placed a picture of all the black lives lost within the past couple years, and shared a moment of silence wit her audience.

2. Big Ups to All My Haters: An Atlanta native rap artist known as Shawty Lo passed away 09/21 of this year, and a little over a week after he passed away Beyoncé had a concert in Atlanta. In honor of him, and to pay her respects she danced with her and her dancers to the most infamous songs They Know. The internet went crazy that Beyoncé being in the level of influence she’s in, still contributed through her artistry to pay homage.

3. Don’t Hurt Yourself: Although Beyoncé is best known for her compelling performances, and work ethic. She is just an overall go get it, confident, no one can stop me type of person. This has been shown in her music, and we love to just hear her be herself, and encourage all of us to do the same. The fans favorites that she does this is Bootylicious, Don’t Hurt Yourself on her most current album Lemonade, Irreplaceable, and the lists goes on. As an artist you can tell she yearns for her audience to just be empowered, and concur their lives with the optimal amount of success.


4. Baby Hairs, and Afros: Her lyrics in terms of women recently mention characteristics that we should embrace as being black. One of the most famous ones currently being baby hairs, and afros mentioned in her song Formation. Which encourages the community of black women coming from her, because in other places we get scrutinized for the color of our skin, the conditions of our hair, and body image.

Whether you are in your car, and at a concert experiencing her live. Beyoncé definitely deserves her respects as being a representation for the black community. All hail to the Queen B!

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