Overalls, a fashion classic, will definitely be a hot item this spring and summer. To make sure that you are on top of this trend, here are a few different ways you can wear your overalls.

1. With a bralette

On a hot day, a pair of overalls can be paired with a cute bralette in order to show some skin and to give the denim some sex appeal. With the bralette the overalls can be paired with either flats or heels.

2. Crop top

Pairing overalls with a crop top is another way to make this wardrobe classic a little bit sexy. Accesories such as a choker and heels will help to perfect this look.

3. White top
A plain white top and denim has always been a classic look. This look can be applied to overalls as well and wearing a crop top makes the look more feminine especially when paired with heels.


Overalls typically have a bit of a tomboyish or even a youthful vibe. To make the denim more mature and feminine, they can be paired with heels and a cute top. Now you would instantly be ready for a fun night out with your girls or even a date.



Overalls are great for spring and summer events such as music festivals and day parties. To ensure comfort, pair your overalls with a pair of sneakers, like some high top converse. This girl mixed it up with a brown pair of overalls instead of the typical blue denim and then matched her converse with her top.

Make it grunge

Overalls are so 90’s, so one way to style them is to to capture the grunge vibe of the era that this garment comes from. Overalls can be paired with black combat boots and a flannel tied around the waist to achieve the grunge look.


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