On February 2nd, the Sean Don himself released his first album of 2017, I Decided. Following the release of his album, Big Sean received praise from artists such as Kanye West, Logic, and Eminem – who is featured on Sean’s track No Favors. Feeling humbled by all of the love he received, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts:

Aside from Eminem, you can expect to hear features from Jeremih, The Dream, Migos, The Flint Chozen Choir, Starrah, and TWENTY 88 – the musical collaboration of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko. Sean thanks Jhene, along with the rest of his features, for being a part of his project.

If you haven’t caught it already, Sean and Aiko collaborated on his single Same Time Pt.1. One can only assume part two will come with another collaborative album this year. We’ll see!

Being the G.O.O.D Music fan that I am, I felt  it was only right for me to broadcast my views on this album. However, not only have I been Big Sean’s biggest fan, but I’ve also been his worst critic while having the “Top Five Best Rappers”  discussion with my friends. It seems like you can never quite place Sean in that category, so leading into his new project, I was very eager to see what “The Don” himself had to offer us early into the new year.

From his freshman album, Finally Famous, to his junior album, Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean has put in place a pretty recognizable format when it comes down to the track listing for albums. Now, this doesn’t regard actual songs names or number counts. This is regarding the tempo of songs or “vibe,” I should say. For example, on Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise album you’ll notice that the tempo is more upbeat and active, but once you get to the 7th track the tempo begins to slow down. The vibe becomes a bit deep and a little more on the emotional side. Thus, leading to the last few tracks left on the album which might involve maybe one or two up tempo songs. For I Decided, followed this same format again. I just thought it was an interesting catch and in all actuality, this track listing format actually made this album easier to not only listen to but also understand from a personal point of view.

This album is Big Sean’s best, so far, from start to finish, and I actually enjoyed every song literally on an album of his. I Decided is a concept album that is from the perspective of an older version of Big Sean. This older version seems to be talking to the current Big Sean about mistakes his former self had made, and how he can avoid them. In the Intro of the album, we first hear the older version of Big Sean

“God, I’ve been doing the same thing, in the same place, working the same job for 45 years. You know that./ Sh*t just flew by. What am i really even doing. God, I know we rarely talk but, every day I wake up I feel like…I feel like I blew it. With my family, with her.  These kids around here don’t have no one to look up to. Should’ve been me. This job ain’t me man. This isn’t my life man.” 

The older Sean reflects on his life, how he could have done things better, but most importantly, how he can make things right. Thus, the concept of an older Sean talking to the current Sean. I’m almost amazed at Big Sean’s story telling (which I really shouldn’t be) ability on this album and how vivid he can be lyrically.


At the end of the day, I decided to give this album a solid 8.9 out of 10 along with the best album of the year title so far. Maybe at the end of the year I’ll be able to say Big Sean is definitely a Top 5, if not Top 3 artist in the game.

Check out Big Sean’s latest visual release of Hallway Off The Balcony, the 9th track of of his latest album! 


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