Under normal circumstances, I’m the type of person that cherishes personal space, but Danny Brown made me forget all about my nagging claustrophobia.

When the drum introduction to “Die Like a Rockstar” blared img_9017-1440x960through the speakers and Danny emerged on stage at Boston’s Paradise Rock club last night, sporting his signature whacky hairdo, gap-toothed grin, and a Frank Zappa “Hot Rats” t-shirt, I was sucked downstream into a sea of impassioned rap-heads. Sweaty bodies crawled all over me, but I wasn’t bothered. Quite the contrary, I welcomed the lack of elbow room, feeding off the frenzied communal energy engulfing me as we belted out the song’s opening lines (“Brown bless the mic like gesundheit”).

Danny’s set was perfectly structured. He started the show, a date on his The Exhibition World Tour, with adrenaline-pumping, fan-favorite bangers. We jumped, moshed, and emptied our sweat glands to EDM-inspired songs like “Dip” and “Smokin’ & Drinkin’”, while Danny spat fire in his cooky, nasally voice.

Then, when Danny and company had tuckered us out, we were allowed to sit back and take in the spectacle, as Danny played his subdued, introspective material, like “25 Bucks” or the smash hit “Grown Up”.

Finally, Danny closed by treating his fans to new material off of his danny-brown-2upcoming studio album Atrocity Exhibition, out September 30th. The new shit sounded darker and grimier than ever, but just as menacing. In addition to performing already-released promotional singles like “When It Rain” and “Pneumonia”, Danny blessed us with two previously unreleased songs, “Dance in the Water” and “Really Doe” (the latter of which was officially released today with features from Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, and Ab-Soul).

Overall, it was a hell of an evening. Danny satisfied me with his infectious personality and enthralling performance, but has left me thirstier than ever for Atrocity Exhibition. I can’t wait for September 30th.

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