Ikebe Shakedown’s latest dynamic LP, The Way Home, proves that this group is defining the next bold and soulful wave in instrumental music. Over the course of nearly a decade, this group has cemented a reputation as one of New York City’s most consistently powerful bands, separating themselves from their roots to play the sonic field and truly create their own sound.

Now, after considerable time building their own analog studio (Hive Mind Recording), and touring with some of the most revered acts in the Brooklyn soul scene, Ikebe Shakedown brings the influence of day-to-day life in NYC into The Way Home. Though long known for danceable grooves, these cinematic tracks delve deeper into what it means to move people. As they put it, “We live in a city with a relentless pace. Sometimes, that demands music that gets you up and shaking, but it’s just as much about getting ourselves up everyday to take on this massive life in just a few square miles.”

The songs range from evoking quiet-morning starts to providing upbeat calls to arms. Still, every tune keeps you moving, because NYC never stops. As the band says, “We wanted some tracks to be for those predawn hours, when someone’s still out there, keeping the city humming.”

Check out The Way Home and prepare your turntable, your headphones, or your boombox (yes, they’re selling cassettes) for fire.

Tour Dates
Oct. 21st in Brooklyn, NY at Union Pool
Oct. 26th in  Kingston, NY at BSP Hall
November 30th in Fall River, MA at Narrows Center for the Arts
December 1st in Burlington, VT at ArtsRiot 

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