In the Twittersphere you never know whats going to pop up next. There’s nothing short of entertainment on Black Twitter and anything can go viral. One woman’s pain became a hilarious thread on Twitter after she discovered that she was literally picking up kitty for her man.
@Msixelaa shares her story with Twitter:


We’ve seen some pretty crazy stories over the past year but this one might take the cake. She continues to unravel the story:

The dude really packed his bags AND got into his car to make it really seem like he was going to the airport. Whew! Lets give this man an A for effort. And what is up with men using their mothers as an excuse to cheat?! Your momma don’t won’t you lying on her!

At this point im like: Girl you sure he left town?

Twitter users came for @Msixelaa because they thought that she should obviously know where her boyfriend stays. But she pointed out that this was an apartment COMPLEX. The girl hadn’t given @Msixelaa the apartment number yet.

Me being the crazy person that I am I would’ve already suspected something was awry when I found myself driving BACK to the same apartments I just left. God makes no mistakes..

Her Boyfriend when he saw her car pull up:

Me when ol girl jumped silly:

At this point Im curious to hear the story from the other woman and the man himself. The girl said she hadnt “seen her boyfriend in a long time”. So was this another rendezvous that they just so happened to get caught on? Do you have any crazy stories like this? Reach out to us we would love to hear!

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