Malik Thompson (right) and Jordan Lewis (left) began exploring their careers as fashion designers in a very humble tone, only making textures for themselves, family, and close friends. In the past year however, they have gained much buzz in the Houston area. With that being said, they’re success caused them to produce their work on a wider scale. They soon created a clean, online marketplace to share their creations with even more people.



Q: What is the meaning behind “In The Leech”?


 A:” In The Leech means to stay close with the people you been down with!” When we were first starting this brand, a lot of people thought it was a joke and didn’t really take us serious. Then, they started seeing what we were actually doing and what was bound to happen. A lot of people wanted to join the company but we just felt like a lot of them worn genuine down with the company. We just felt that a lot of them just wanted to just leech off of us. So we declined a lot of there offers. Our clothing brand was originally called “De La Karrueche”, but we really wasn’t feeling that name that we originally came along with. All the stuff that was going on with the brand at the time, we just felt that the name “In The Leech” just fit right with our brand.



Q:  When did you guys start this clothing line? 


A: We started our clothing brand early 2016, we haven’t be around that long but it feels like we have. 



Q:  Before starting this clothing line, what gave you guys the inspiration to go forward with the idea? 


A: We really just started our clothing brand for close friends and family. We never really wanted to actually sell our clothing out to the public, but our products just got so demanding. So we decided to start selling our stuff and ever since then it’s just grown and grown!




Q:  What is the main purpose and goal of your clothing line? 


A: The main purpose for our clothing brand is to supply good clothing for the youth! Our goal is to keep growing and learning because the more we grow and learn our brand will reflect that vision.



Q:  What do you all hope to gain from this brand? 


A: Great clothing lol! 



Q:  Have you guys gone international with your brand? 


A: Not yet but pretty soon we will!


Q:  Who are the brains behind this brand operation?


A: The brand is all a team effort, everyone has there own pair in the brand that allows it to all flow right.


Q:  Have you guys had any celebrities/musicians showcase your brand? 


A: We have a few celebrities like Rizzo Rizzo and etc. 




Q:  What is in the future for In The Leech Clothing? 


A: We’re a fresh new clothing brand, so we still have a lot to learn. You can expect alot of dope new pieces this upcoming year.


Q:  How did you all create the apparel designs? What was the inspiration?  


A: When it come to design and patterns, we really just freestyle and just see what happens. It usually comes out great.


Q: Who have you guys been partnering with and working with lately?


A: Well, we’ve been working with a lot of local fashion brands, designers, photographers, artists , and models in the Houston area. We’ve had a collaboration come out lately with a Houston brand that goes by the name of Yves Dre clothing. It’s a really nice collection  we have created together! Y’all can go check it out on our website. We been lately working a lot with the designer/model EasieCam, he’s a close friend of ours and is one of our official In The Leech models for the brand.



Q:  What would you like to let your supporters know about In The Leech and what’s to come


I’d like y’all to know that we have a lot of new studs coming for you guys so stay updated on our social media and go to and view some of our new pieces.


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