By way of Texas, In The Leech clothing is a Houston based streetwear brand that is on the verge of becoming something special, and successful. Since the last time we spoke with In The Leech, they’ve experienced a rollercoaster of gains and losses, but have successfully released their FW’16 line with their new “high-end” aesthetic.

Q: What is new for in The Leech Clothing’s FW 2016 line? 

A: For the pass 4 Months, In the leech Clothing has been working on a new look for the brand. In The Leech begin in street wear scene, with was a major step for our brand. A lot has changed since I started this brand, from staffing and branding. In the leech has lately been working on expanding our brand into more of a High – End/ Luxury look. This Fall/Winter season Look book is just the first step on making that happen.

img_7930Q: What aesthetic are you all going for this season? 

A: Well the aesthetic behind this season is more of a Luxury-Dirty-Military look. One of my friends back from high-end went to the army. A lot of the military’s colors they decide to dress their troops with are really creative. The style they create for their offices is something that stands out to me.

Q: Can you give us an inside look at the FW Look book? 

A: This collection, that is dropping this December is really something for everything. The pieces are things you can wear anywhere. You can wear some outfits to a club or just on a nice date. It’s something for everything.

img_7945Q: What plans do you all have for this season? Any goals you want to reach? 

A: Well first of all, I’m having a fashion show to premiere this Fall/Winter season with will hopefully show Houston a different side of my brand. 

Q: Has anything special happened since the last time we did an interview? 

A: Really a lot has happened since the last interview. We have had our up’s and down’s with our staffing and crew, but a major plus that happen since our interview creating this high end look. Just practicing the craft of sewing and fashion & design.

Q: What should supporters, and consumers alike, look forward to this season? 

A: Well beside the New clothing and new look coming out, just expect a lot of new creativity and new design. 



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