When recording their first collaborative song in 2014, Jamee Cornelia and Eriiic J. had no idea they would constantly be working together 2 years later. The Georgia transplants bring together eclectic styles that weave a tapestry of originality. Jamee, a North Carolina native, is a multitalented artist in the burgeoning band Howling Star as well as one of the most sought after videographers and graphic designers in the underground Atlanta circuit. Eriiic, hailing from South Florida, is also a connoisseur of the arts. The talented MC also does videography, production and engineered the entire project. Together the two are a completely self-sufficient creative force. This is evident in their new project Fuck You Very Much.

Shouldering the bulk of the workload on this project they weave together a kaleidoscope of topics, flows, and witty wordplay to create one of the freshest musical compositions of the year. Fuck You Very Much is brash, insightful, fun, and at times vulnerable. The two tackle the taboo and the unjust just as well as they tackle the ratchet and the turn up over a sonic array that spans genre boundaries. On one of the standout tracks Nobody Cares, the duo tackles social stigmas about the LGBT community and encourage young people to be proud of who they are. They recently filmed a music video in Atlanta for the thought provoking track. Savagery features promising indie rap star Ervin Mitchell. All three rappers blew me away with unique flows and wordplay in this high energy, fun track. With this first joint offering many will be sure to keep an eye out for what Eriiic J. and Jamee Cornelia do next.







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