As the “Window”  intro commences, and i’m writing this review, a blend of finger snaps, dream-like SFX, and the rhythm of the deep bass, instantly captivates me. Booming out of Brooklyn, Indigo Svn enters the game as an artist and producer. “Window” is the first single from his debut EP, “Colors Through a Prism,” which promises to be a provocative musical illustration of Indigo’s natural curiosity towards life. Typing and nodding to this dreamy beat curated by U.K. music producer, WNTR, Indigo Svn effortlessly, and sonically, spits truth through his dope lyricism.

“Open my eyes and you’re looking through my window

You see the pain and the tears from my kinfolk

Through all the times when I feel low

You help remind what I’m here for”

“Window” tells the story of an MC’s thoughtful quest for truth. Despite life’s transgressions, wisdom and personal growth transpire, yet questions remain idle. Indigo lyrically ruminates on the questions that arise from personal growth, providing a window into his hopes and fears for the future.

Indigo is excited to go on tour this summer! He’ll be kicking off this thrilling new adventure in July at the Vogal Pop Festival in Holland. He will also be performing in August at the African Carnival in Vancouver.

Listen to “Window” NOW: 

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