Chato started INTK in 2012 as a graphic design company with hopes of finding a new way to create revenue while doing something he actually loved. After doing so many apparel designs for clients around the country he decided to make some clothing of his own. The debut of the first pieces was at the Houston Sneaker Summit of  summer 2012. This opened up his mind to what is tangible both physically and financially for himself the brand, and brands like INTK. After trying to balance school and working full time to handle bills, he realized he couldn’t do everything on his own. The only person that came to mind to partner with was his childhood friend Kay that he had grown up with and always shared the same vision as far as growth, expression, and branding. Together they molded ideas and built a base of supporters.Doing photoshoots, logo designs, managing social media, and everything else branding, They are the ultimate branding agency of Houston.They now throw events, art shows, parties, make clothing, accessories, and home goods that are going to finally be posted on the site next month. Hints why their instagram quotes “throw parties and make dope shit”. In the future they hope to work bigger brands and faces to further build the client’s image and themselves.

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