Instacool or Instadrool?: Steps to increase social media presence 

We all follow someone or are that someone who has their own business, or interest that somehow ties into our productivity on social media. You have maybe been following them from sometime, and have noticed their audience or followers increase, and you’re probably wondering how they did so. We all have something we want to promote, or make memories of granted with an audience of supporters behind us to watch the journey. Here is a series of steps on how to increase your social media presence: 

1. Hashtagging: Hashtagging underneath your photos gives people access to your post without going to your page. It fluctuates traffic to your post on a general screen with the hashtag you posted, and people are able to comment/like. Also looking up hashtags gives you access to maybe those pursuing the same business, or posting similar things as you to get connected. 

2. Color scheme/Thumbnails: The word aesthetic is being loosely tossed around currently, but color schemes play a role into what aesthetic truthfully means. Aesthetic means in a broad spectrum at an eyes view if something is pleasing to look at, and works well together also known as thumbnail. Your pictures, and documentation could follow a central color scheme which makes the presentation of your profile a looker for those who are looking from a distance. Do you gravitate to bright colors or black/grey/white? 

3. Audience: This is your foundation to why you do what you do. We all have an audience we reach that needs our voices, even if your goal isn’t to be a celebrity or anyone crazy. When you share your story, people are encouraged. It is good to assess your life, and figure out the areas you’ve seen most growth in or that you would consider a taboo. Are you a quirky Christian girl bridging the gap between edgy and conventional? That’s who I am. When you find your voice you become in tune with where the classic you would like to do, like to read about, even where they hangout. Moms, we need you. We need to know sometimes your kids aren’t perfect, and you don’t always have the super placed in front of mom. Dads, we need to know how your kids made you proud in the simplest ways. Teens, we need to know how to awkward phase of life is pushing you to grow. We all need each other. 

4. Storytelling: This one can be so hard yet so simple. When we take an image there’s always a story behind it even if it’s as simple as I liked the way I looked today. As an audience, we want to hear your thoughts, now within reason ladies. But, most times I get more rapped up in what someone’s story is more so than the pictures. So have fun with it, and remember the world needs you. All your quirks, all your differences, and all of your presence. 

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