Introduction: This poem is about society’s obsession with physical appearances. We are all vain in some aspects, yes. We are a product of our environment, but it is important to acknowledge that fact and work towards finding beauty in things that aren’t physical.

What is it that lies beneath the surface?

So focused on exterior

We forget that the interior

Makes everything else inferior

Looks eventually wither away

Will your mind make love stay?

Can we have deep conversations

That lead to deeper relations

Mind, body, and soul

These things make us whole

Pay attention to the signs

It’s always more than what meets the eyes

The eyes can deceive and mislead us

The interior matters

Our soul is what feeds us

I thought we were a fairytale

But I was dancing with the devil

In the pits of hell

Why couldn’t I tell?

Save me from myself

And even after it all

I still wish you well


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