Meet Lexxy, also known as Angel Babe, leader of the Angel Movement. Since her musical debut in early 2015 she’s released an impressive amount of music, including her debut mixtape Things Have Changed. I got the chance to speak with her about her influences, dream collaborations,  performing at SOB’s, and much more! Read below for full interview:



Q: For those who may not have heard of you would you like to introduce yourself. 

A: I’m Lexxy! 20 year old singer/songwriter from Bronx, NYC! “Angel Babe”- dark skin queen with the curly hair lol.


Q: You call yourself Angel Babe, where did the name come from?

A: It’s really simple actually lol; My movement is “ANGEL MOVEMENT”. I’m the leader. I honestly look at myself as an angel, so why not Angel Babe.


Q: As the leader of the “Angel Movement” can you clarify what that is?

A: The angel movement is the journey that me & all my supporters are on. When I started getting serious support from people I didn’t even know & never met, they just felt like angels. Like, I don’t know, shit is just amazing how people I don’t even know can really believe in me & actually want me to win. The goal is to touch the people & actually make a difference. When strangers support you more than your own friends . . . I can only describe that as an angel. The angels watch over me & I watch over them, make sure I give them real life stories that they can connect to & we can grow together, learn from our mistakes & keep it moving. #ANGELMOVEMENT is the gang lol.


Q: Is anyone in your family also musically inclined?

A: My mom always sang.. my grandma.. cousins. lol everybody honestly.


Q: There is a stereotype that artists (whether musical or not) are perfectionist; do you find this to be true?

A: PERFECTION IS EVERYTHING! Like yeah that saying “nobody’s perfect” is so true but nobody can say they ain’t trying everyday to be perfect at something. This is not a game.


Q: Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to for inspiration?

ELHAE & Tory Lanez are my top two right now. I mostly listen to them when I feel like I need to step it up.


Q: What is the normal process you go through when creating a song?

A: Depends on how I’m feeling. I create off of vibes & feelings. I love free-styling so honestly a lot of my music comes from me just free-styling in the booth. I feel like that’s my rawest form of creating new music.


Q: Last winter you released Things Have Changed what was the inspiration behind the title?lexxy-2

A: Things have changed came from a lot of the drastic changes that happened in my life once I got serious with my music career. From my friends, to my attitude, to my choices, the way I dress, & talk. I literally changed! I promise you the girl I used to be would look at me now and be so amazed cause honestly I’m just in competition with the old me every time I accomplish something new.


Q: On that project you have a couple features, do you enjoy collaborating with other artists?

A: I love it honestly. I feel like collabs bring out creativity. You feed off that other artists’ energy and if they going harder than you, than you got no choice but to bring it. It’s like healthy competition and a blend of creativity just combining into one dope ass sound.


Q: Do you have dream collaboration? If so, who would it be and why?

A: ELHAE! Honestly he’s so lowkey. He’s not the biggest artist out right now but a song with him will make me feel like I’m definitely on the RIGHT PATH. So somebody tell ELHAE about this collab! Lol


Q: You recently hit 23,000+ plays on your newest song Good Life; are you surprised by the all of the positive feedback?

A: I’m always happy when my songs have positive feed back. I’m never really surprised, just always expecting more out of myself. I’m my biggest critic.


Q: Are you ever nervous when you debut a new song?

A: Never really nervous mostly excited.


Q: What kind of advice would you give an aspiring singer who is about to debut their first song?

A: Do you! Don’t worry about anybody else’s “WAVE ” or come up but your own. When you start out, things won’t be as great as the artists that have been doing this for a while but always strive for more.


Q: You performed at SOBs over the summer, tell us a little about that experience.

A: Honestly, it was amazing. It made me realize that I can do so much more though. I’m just waiting on that sold out headline show at SOBs lol. Speak it into existence.


Q: Do you enjoy performing live?

A: I feel like a whole other person when I perform. I feel like I can be on top. Like nobody can kill my vibe when I’m performing because it’s my stage, my music, my voice & people are there to feel the energy I give them. I love it.


Q: How do you prepare for live performances?

A: Drink warm tea, eat honey, drink water, snapchat, and pray!


Q: With all the music you have released lately, should we be preparing for a new project in 2017?

A: YES! Maybe even before 2017. I’m not to sure on the title yet but I promise it’s going to be amazing. I feel myself growing with every new song I’ve dropped since my last project so this one just expect to get taken on a new journey.


Q: Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you. Thank you for riding with me . . . thank you for listening to my music . Thank you for being here!!! This is not even the beginning. This the pre-show for the real show to come. I see greatness for myself & I appreciate anyone who sees my vision.


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To hear her newest song Good Life click here.

To listen to her mixtape Things Have Changed click here.

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Sasha "Andro" Bannister is a 19 y/o songwriter and photographer from The Bronx, NY. She's been writing music for over 7 years and practicing photography for a little over 5. Coming from a musically inclined family, it's no wonder she's been attracted since a young age. Having the ability to play several instruments, she hopes to make an impact in the music world. She is currently a member our music team but from time to time comments on Fashion, Photography, and Modeling. To catch up on her daily follow her on Instagram @fye.andro

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