Meet Nancy Hernandez, also known as NYC Goblin. She’s been working endlessly to make a name for herself in the photography world, garnering an overwhelming amount of success in such a short time span. With her edgy visuals, unique style, and untouchable collection of work it’s no wonder she’s one of the most watched photographers in the city. In this interview we get the chance to speak about her start, leaving school for photography, an artist’s influence in society and much more!


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Q: Have you always been interested in artistic expression or is it relatively new?
A: My career started with poetry, verbal expression was something I wasn’t use to which brought me closer to my pen and paper. As I opened up verbally I started to see images in my head or even while walking down the street. I decided to pick up a “point and shoot” camera which later brought me to be a photographer and surreal artist.


Q: When you decided you wanted to become a photographer, did you initially have the support of your family, friends, etc.?
A: When I announced that I officially had the equipment to become a photographer I had a lot of support from my friends. As far as my family, if it weren’t for my brother I wouldn’t have my camera now. I think getting the support from everyone in my family is something that won’t happen overnight. Being an artist is a struggle not many people can understand.


Q: Is there any advice that you could give someone who may not have the support of their family, friends, etc.?
A: Know your worth and don’t take anything personal. As an artist you will come across a lot of people who don’t think the same way as you.. Learn to accept this. Whatever people say whether good or bad don’t take it personal, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Everything you face is a test. People will test your love for the arts and will try to control your life. Don’t allow this from anyone.. friends, family, or strangers. Never suppress your love for something just because someone can’t come around to understand it.


Q: In other interviews you have mentioned that you left college for photography; was there ever a time when you felt like you made a mistake in choosing to leave school in order to pursue this full time?
A: I went to college right after high school. I don’t think any seventeen year old knows what they want to do for the rest of their life. I sure didn’t. Going to school for liberal arts was definitely something I didn’t want to waste my time doing. After a year and a half I decided to take a break which gave me time to learn about myself and the people around me. During this break I had free time to think about what I wanted to do. I self-taught myself everything I know about photography. For a person who is always indecisive about things this break had to be the best decision I ever made in my life.


Q: Being from NYC, do you feel you have a certain edge that photographers from other areas may not have?
A: Being from The Bronx just gives me access to a lot. When I say this, I mean I see a lot of culture and diversity here in The Bronx and in other boroughs. I definitely believe that every true artist has a different eye so we all have sometime of edge to our work. Living in New York is just different and people will never understand.. So yes, I do have a certain edge to my work.


Q: Do you feel that artists have the power to influence society? If so, why?
A: Hell yeah, when I first started my photography my following was really low but that never mattered. I say this because I am a strong believer that people are watching. No matter how many likes or follows you get on your instagram there is someone on explore always looking at your page. I’m always cautious on what I put out whether personal or business I make sure I’m being real, vulnerable, but reasonable. Everything you put out should be powerful or hold some type of meaning. As a photographer I’m freezing a moment so I have to make sure it’s a good one.


Q: How do you feel when people say “art isn’t a real job” (or things of that nature)?
A: I think it’s straight bullshit. Art is everywhere, art is music, writing, painting, photos, designing, cooking, and etc. These are all things people get paid for.


Q: You’ve photographed at events such as Afropunk and Essence Festival; how were those type of experiences?
A: It was awesome, it was my first year going to both events. At these events I got to meet new people which is something I would’ve never done on my own a year ago.


nancy-nycgoblin-3Q: Although you’re a photographer, you have been the model on several occasions; does it ever feel weird to be the one photographed?
A: I actually wanted to be a model growing up as well. I love getting my photo taken it’s a way I can help showcase another photographer’s work. I love to share the platform. I know a group of about 150+ photographers in NYC so it’s something I had to get use to especially since I have bright orange hair that seems to always catch attention.


Q: Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with (whether it be a fellow photographer or model, etc.) – that you would like to work with in the future?
A: There are many photographers and models I would love to work with. My list will never end.. I’m checking them off my list gradually.


Q: Finish this sentence: By 2020, I would like my brand to _______________________.
A: By 2020, I would like my brand to be mobile.


Q: Is there anything you would like to say to your supporters out there?
A: Each and everyone of you guys are appreciated, nothing goes unnoticed. I see the love and support you guys give me even if you only know me through social media. I love you guys and I am grateful to have your support.


To stay updated on NYC Goblin’s current work follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and her official website

To see some of her work from Afropunk & Essence Festival check below:

nancy-nycgoblin-essence-1 nancy-nycgoblin-afropunk-1 nancy-nycgoblin-afropunk-2 nancy-nycgoblin-afropunk-3 nancy-nycgoblin-essence-3 nancy-nycgoblin-essence-2



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