As a journalist, I can’t help to wonder will my degree be spent writing about what Kylie is wearing or North West and Blue Ivy’s relationship as toddlers. A couple weeks ago Kanye had a show apart of his Saint Pablo tour. During the performance, he went on to do what the public defines as a  “A Kanye Rant”. If you haven’t watched it yet turn in below!

The rant wasn’t really what took me by surprise, but more so how many articles were written on the issue. Granted some students do go to school to write about pop culture, and sincerely enjoy it. Although this is an option, I couldn’t help, but to question is this trend increasing for journalists to remain relevant. The millennial society gets most of their news from social media, and numbers do show that an interest level in generic news is decreasing. There are avenues such as The Daily Show, or Saturday Night Live that showcase  highly social and political issues in a humorous way. The positions for shows or publications that allow room for both relevant news, and useful information is fairly scarce. If a journalist is looking for some experience writing for a site they are more likely to find an opportunity writing for pop culture than any other matters. If we take a look at the reports on this election, you can see that most articles are written on the actions of the candidates humorously than their actual views on policy. I believe this had a part in why Trump probably considered running for office, because he knew that social media would carry a great deal of his relevance by the outlandish things he does. Social Media certainly has the power to carry someones relevance as a person, and even how much money they make. The difference between pop culture surpassing strong news is fact checking. This is a method of making sure things that you mentioned in your article are proven to be true, or have resources. There will always be a space for Pop Culture journalism, but there should also be a demand for the truth and for journalism to be a mirror of society. All that I’m saying is these loans are far too lengthy for me as a journalist to not appreciate the craft. I would hope we all encourage ourselves to write at a level that produces a higher level thinking society.

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