Issa rae dropped off her trailer for season 2 of Insecure!

We are so excited to see where Issa Rae’s love life leads on this new season! If you recall, Issa cheated on her longtime boyfriend Lawrence, with dark chocolate babe, Daniel. During the last episode of the first season, Lawrence hits Issa up asking to talk. I mean we were all hoping that Lawrence was ready to take Issa  back..until she unlocks the door and Lawrence is nowhere to be found. He was somewhere having extremely hot sex with Tasha, who has always had a liking for him.

Talk about a cliff hanger..

In the season 2 trailer we see how Issa Rae handles the aftermath of her break up and from the looks of it, she is getting over Lawrence by getting under plenty of new men. She called it her “Hoe Phase” and enlists the help of Molly to teach her how to..hoe/

But, Issa is also still holding on to the possibility that her and Lawrence will get back together. Issa Rae’s best friend Moly is also seen dealing with issues that Imm sure plenty of women, black especially, can relate to. From what we gathered from the trailer, Molly is working st a firm where her white co worker is getting paid more than her, even though she is the more qualified one.  This should be an exciting season.

Check out the Insecure season 2 trailer below!

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