Am I the only one who isn’t able to catch a vibe with someone instantly? I mean it takes me months to really be like” wow he’s decent”. However, it just so happens that whenever I listen to certain songs  my ability to catch a vibe with that special someone is heightened. So today, I’m going to bless you freelancer fiends with the top 5 songs that are guaranteed to make you catch a vibe.

1.) I’ll Be There for You/ You’re All I Need

Serving all types of early 2000’s vibes Method and Mary hit it out the park with this one. Mary’s soft harmonious vocals mix excellently with Method Man’s east coast drawl. This ballad is all about letting that one person know they are all you need to make it through…yes issa vibe for sure.

2.) Come thru

I mean….Drake’s sweet, sweet, SWEET voice tells a simple story. Come thru so we can get together-like old times- and make some things happened. A vibe if there ever was one.

3.) Bound 2

Kanye is notoriously known for making people feel some type of way and not always in a good way. But…with “Bound 2” Kanye’s dominate personality takes a backseat and he lets the music take over him. With his poetically alluring Chicago sound plus Charlie Wilson’s  soulful voice “Bound 2” is guaranteed to make you catch a vibe.

4.)Balmain Jeans

Kid Cudi has a unique sound so it’s pretty hard for anyone to successfully replicate him and the vibe he gives off. Cudi’s “Balmain Jeans” highlights his trippy galactic like sound. He sings about having sex but he does it in such a classy and moving way. If you didn’t catch a vibe from my description alone you surely will from this beautiful song.

5.)Kiss it Better

I’m going to keep it 1 THOUSAND right now, if you do not want to catch a vibe do no listen to this song. Rihanna alone is enough to make you catch a vibe but Riri’s sexy vocals on top of  lyrics about your significant other or whoever kissing it better is a designated “catch a vibe” song.


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