I’m cooking with my grandmother:
a shy owner of an Italian tongue
that sometimes tends to interrupt
her English in moments of real honesty
& as we’re recklessly drinking the cherry wine
that we borrowed from the family recipe,
she tells me in her native tongue that
she annotates my poetry before bed
and how she’s found
coffee spoons of her
prayers in my writing;
prayers from when she
was young and had a
conflicting God.
Those were the prayers when
her native tongue took the

About The Author

I am a traveling poet and spoken word artist from Birmingham, AL. Aside from being a polysci student at The University of Alabama, I am also the creator of “Literary Vibes Birmingham” which is a spoken word showcase that highlights the talents of both musicians and poets. You can catch me under a tree with a good book or on my twitter: alexuuussss

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