Women face many things as we grow and progress. As we experience this growth, we have all grown to know there is no better cure than a girl’s night. Heartbreak? Girl’s night. Cramps? Girl’s night. Your man not texting you back? Girl’s night. The list goes on… There is something so powerful about knowing you are not alone and that there are other women who have experienced the same thing. Now don’t get me wrong, the process of a girl’s night is no passive activity. We experience a series of healing and fun through these types of activities and in some communities it helps women go on. Sounds deep, doesn’t it! Well, travel with me through a couple of characteristics of a girl’s night to get the full picture.

1. Chick Flicks: This portion of the evening is for us to enable our struggle so we watch movies that affirm our emotions/experiences. In the movie industry, no matter how many times we’ve seen it, girls will always eat this concept up. And that’s why sites like cb01
exist. We can watch these movies over and over again without having to swap DVDs all the time and there’s a much larger variety on movie sites compared to what’s in your DVD drawer. We love chick flicks simply because we love to see a story unfold that we are all too familiar of. As women, we all yearn for a tight-knit community so seeing how your girl group parallels with characters of a movie is quite comical. Such movies that reflect this are 27 dresses, Sex and the city, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Love and Basketball, Waiting to Exhale, and considering I’m a woman I have lots more where that came from.

2. Sing-A-Longs/Dance it out: Now this sounds cheesy, but when you whip out your favorite R&B playlist it is no longer a game! There is something so liberating about screaming to the top of your lungs or maybe you and a friend switching off parts to a song. When you’re going through hard times some songs just take the words right out of your mouth. Masters of communicating the struggle are Mary J Blidge, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Clarkson, and lots more. When you’ve cried enough, laughed too much, sing your lungs out, and it’s time for another release simply dancing around carelessly with your friends is a great release. Greys Anatomy depicted this concept perfectly when Meredith and Yang said their last goodbyes. If you can find friends that are shameless enough to participate in this with you, you have won.


3. Cardiac Arrest Food/Tea time: This is simply an activity of divide and concur. Bring on the chips, ice cream, and cookies. Whatever! You name it. Junk food is best shared when you’re pigging out with the people you love. Food, in its nature is a shared activity, and that association has been set in the long history of girls’ night traditions. So indulge in all the junk food, and regret it all later. Tea time, on the other hand, isn’t interpreted in the literal sense. Tea is rather the exchange of private information with people you trust. Trust is the currency of friendship, so it’s a good feeling to know you can share things that will stay between you and your friends.

These are all subject to change and you may spend time with your girlfriends in a different way; however, there’s nothing like having one. So if you find yourself in hard times, or maybe need a little motivation to call up your girls for a Ladies’ Night!

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