Word has spread  that Jay-Z  reportedly turned down an opportunity to perform at the 2018 Superbowl and to be honest no one is all that shocked. With all the the controversy surrounding the NFL’s blatant disapproval of Colin Kaepernick and his fight for social justice one can’t help but wonder why the NFL would even ask Jay Z, a man the exudes and supports nothing but black excellence to perform at 2018 Halftime show.

Jay’s latest album 4:44 is over-pouring with his thoughts on and experiences in Black America so it’s very ironic that he would even be considered to perform for an organization that is so openly  rejecting and some would even say black-listing  Kaepernick for speaking out against the hypocrisy in America, more specifically in the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Kaepernick refused to stand during The Pledge because he didn’t want to stand and show pride toward a flag or country that oppresses black people. Some thought this was noble and  other’s though it was not only distasteful but disrespectful.  Nevertheless, his stance drew a lot of media attention and so has his inability to be be picked up by one single team in the NFL

The NFL’s shunning of Kaepernick but lust for black talent to perform during the Superbowl halftime show only reinforcers the notion that society loves black culture but hates and ignores black people and along with that the needs and rights of black people.

Although we are well in to the 21st century  black people are still being subliminally punished for not only exercising their First Amendment rights but for calling out the hypocrisy embedded in the American system.


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