James Shaun Elliott-Wallace also known as Jay Bordeaux is a bright, creative, 24-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s lived between Cleveland, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia, but is currently staying in Va.

“I am a creator, whether it be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, writing, dancing or making music.”

Jay has been a creative being ever since he was a youngin’. He’s been doing it all for a prolonged period.


There’s four major keys to where Jay’s creativity starts.

One, his mother was a preschool teacher, so when he was younger, she would bring him model clay, paint or anything that would push his creativity early in life.

Secondly, his father used to sketch, but he wasn’t exactly an artist.

“He was a strict musician, but he still has drawn the best Spider Man that I’ve ever seen and I started drawing from comic books heavy when I was like 8 so I could draw like my father did that one time.”

Third, his Aunt Mary moved to Cleveland to live with his Grandma in 2000. She was a professional artist and the first artist Jay got to see in action, from the beginning of a sketch, till the last dab of paint on the canvas. She also made jewelry, and paintings on sand dollars she would personally pick up from the beach and make furniture out of it.

“I didn’t understand her influence until I actually became a professional artist later in life. But she was the spark that created the flame for me.”


Lastly, his Grandmother. She was a Presbyterian Pastor in Cleveland. She taught and touched thousands throughout her life. She usually let him tag along so he could experience her practice. Whether is was her showing him written sermons or her practicing Reiki on people who needed healing, he was there. She always challenged his mind and gave him things to read, and taught him about things she’s experienced across the world. His grandma would always buy him sketchbooks. She always put a sketchbook in his hands, again, pushing his creativity.

“So my Mother gave me the creativity, my Father gave me my first artistic goal, my Aunt showed me the process, and my Grandmother gave me all the tools. My foundation.”


Most artist have difficulty describing their work to others. Jay has never really stayed in one style of painting.

“I created my own world. A world that could go from recreating historic scenes, using my work to speak out against the wrongs in this world, paying homage to my favorite artists in the past/people of the now, or just pure emotional moments caught on canvas.”

He also calls the other side of his work “Flow”. He paints what he feels most times.

“No models, no references, just a color to start with and then after, anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple weeks, a painting comes out.”

For him, it’s that complex, or it’s that simple.


Almost anything and everything inspires supports Jay. From conversations with random people, graffiti writers, old 80’s hip hop movies to how nature moves and things from his personal life. He also looks up to Kanye West and A tribe Called Quest. Kanye, who’s a personal audio self-help lesson, and A Tribe Called Quest, the guys who completely taught the timeless rules of being the above-average alternative hip-hop head, they are also like a foundation for him.

“It literally could be anything that could get my Spider sense tingling and have me pick up a brush.”

He also looks up to his past teachers that he had in life. He makes it so that everyone in his life has taught him something, so they’re teacher’s to him too. He’s always the student.

 “You must never stop learning in this world.”


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