For Jimmie Lewis, the meaning of fashion and creating apparel goes beyond clichéd styles or hackneyed designs. To him, creating apparel means stepping outside of your creative norms and achieving greatness through everything that you do. Lavish Styles, a subsidiary off of Lewis’ photography brand, Lavish Superior, is a growing hat brand by way of Texas.


Q: What is the meaning behind Lavish Style Hats?

A: The meaning of Lavish Styles derived from the reality of being blessed with the privilege to achieve whatever through hard work and devotion. I strive for greatness in life by the means of hard work, virtue, and determination despite life’s obstacles.


Q: Who are the team leaders for the brand?

A: Myself, but I will eventually recruit more reps to make the brand spread some more.


Q: When did Lavish Styles emerge?

A: I initially started with Lavish Superior, my photography company, and then I made the decision that I wanted to venture out and expand my brand. I have always enjoyed collecting different hats so I felt that expanding with a hat collection would be best for me.


Q: What are some of the goals you have for the brand?

A: My main goal right now is to provide quality hats for college students at an affordable price.


Q: Do you see yourself branching away from hats to create clothing, or do you plan to just stick with hats?  

A: I see myself just sticking to hats, but I will not limit myself to things in the future.


Q: Has your brand gone international with your sales?

A: Right now my main goal for my brand is to expand throughout Texas. Once I have accomplished, that I will work towards going international.


Q: What is the main purpose for your brand?

A: Lavish Styles’ motto is to “Live Life Lavishly” which is a movement to achieve your goals by stepping outside of the box and doing everything above and beyond.


Q: What do you hope to gain from your hat line?

A: I hope my hat line gets known like the current brands in the Houston, and hopefully you will see my hats selling in big stores in the future


Q: What do you see for the future of your brand?

A: It’s a small urban street wear brand in Houston, Texas, but I want it to get to be known nationally and globally in the upcoming years.


Q: What upcoming styles can your supporters expect to see?

A: Lavish Styles supporters can definitely expect more color varieties. They can also expect new hats with more melanin popping slogans.


Q: What would you like your fans/supporters to know about what is to come from Lavish Styles?  

A: Exclusive stylish hats that will be worth your money. Custom orders are coming soon too.


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