An interracial relationship goes all wrong when Rose Armitage (Catherine Keener), who’s Caucasian, takes a trip home with her African-American boyfriend, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya). Chris was skeptical about meeting the Armitage family unaware if he would be accepted. Sound familiar?

Upon arriving in the rural town of the Armitage family, the couple experienced a brief encounter with law enforcement when Chris was asked to produce his license and registration. This would seem normal if he were the driver but he wasn’t so Rose addressed her suspicion on the matter. Here goes!

The couple arrived at the house of Rose’s parents and although her parents seemed welcoming, Chris’ couldn’t help but notice the race of the groundskeeper and housemaid. His perception of Rose’s family was questionable. Something didn’t seem right with the “help” and meeting Rose’s brother didn’t make it any better.

Guests were to arrive the next day for a family celebration or so it seemed.

Missy Armitage, Rose’s mother, would attempt to convince Chris that she could cure his nicotine addiction by hypnosis but Chris declined. Later that night, Chris stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and noticed weird behavior from Walter and Georgina, the groundskeeper, and housemaid. There was a disconnection. After observing the strange behavior, Chris heads back in the house and he’s stopped by Missy Armitage who hypnotizes Chris without his permission.

The morning after, Chris doesn’t remember what happened but he realizes something isn’t right. He phoned his friend, Rod, who suspects something strange is going on with the Armitage family and their association with their hired help.

Guests arrive and Chris is paraded around like a trophy and admired for his dominant presence. The conversations were strange and the questions became offensive. Of the guests, Chris noticed a black man, Logan King, and his wife. Mrs.King was a white older woman and 30 years her husband’s senior. When Chris and Rose left for a walk, Rose’s dad auctioned Chris to his friends unbeknownst to Chris. Slavery perhaps?

Slavery perhaps?

Later that night Chris informed Rose that they were leaving. On their way out, Rose tells Chris that she can’t find the keys and Chris then realizes that Rose has betrayed him.

Chris wakes up in the basement to learn that the Armitage family has mastered the ability to transfer the conscious mind of their Caucasian friends and family into the brain of young African-Americans. It is the process of them taking control of their body and mind physically while the African-American remains hostage in a “sunken place” as Missy Armitage refers to it.

See the relation? See the depth?

Rose’s father, Dean explained his admiration for the dominance of the African-American race. He even referenced to a time that Jesse Owens beat his father, Mr.Armitage in the Olympics. Dean mentioned how Mr.Armitage never got over losing to Jesse Owens, a black man.

The similarity between “Get Out” and today’s society is relevant. This movie will blow your mind. However, I’ve told enough of the movie. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

Keep an open mind while watching.

-Plychette Montgomery



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