“Married to the grind, like its my wife”


Coming from his latest song release, this quote embodies the goal and mindset of Juice Billionz, to keep a consistent grind, be successful, and cherish the grind you inherit. Las Vegas rapper and general badass, Juice Billionzhas just dropped yet another smooth, high-energy record in “Pull Up (Get In My Ride).” The Las Vegas native wants his audience to know that he’s on a consistent grind, with no intentions of stopping any time soon. It’s simple, it’s great to enjoy the good life, while grinding in the process. The single has a really high quality beat, and Billionz maintains a fast flow and amazing delivery throughout, creating an aesthetic not unlike a club. With more on the way, Juice is going to have a really crazy year this year, including an upcoming project, “Born With The Juice.” 



Listen to Pull Up, below: 

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