As many artists this day and age come to realize, popularity and vocal power can only get you so far. The music industry is a chess game, with so many moves and power plays that even the most devoted and dedicated of players can find themselves at the end of a losing board. Yet, if one is completely committed to their cause, no matter how many losses they can find a way to get back in the game. Like a phoenix, though burnt, one can always rise again. This is what makes Juliet Simms the phoenix that she is – gracefully she has made her way back from every industry hurdle that has been laid before her, and she has risen again, from what many may have called a grave.

Juliet Simms is known by a variety of audiences for a number of different reasons. For some, she is known for being the lead singer of a band she once helmed called Automatic Loveletter, which gained popularity and notoriety along the Warped Tour circuit in the mid-2000s. To others, in the more mainstream light, she is known from the show the Voice. Now embarking on its 11th season, Simms was actually a big factor of the shows beginnings, having been the runner up in the shows first season on team Ceelo Green. And then to others who say aren’t exactly too familiar with her work, she is known, more recently, as Mrs. Andy Biersack – having just married her longtime boyfriend, and lead singer of Black Veil Brides, in early April of this year. Yet despite being known, and being popular within a variety of circles, Simms has had a bit of a rough time when it comes to getting her music out there and reaching that bigger solo level that has been her  ultimate ambition. Even going back to her days with Automatic Loveletter, Simms is a classic case of an artist just grabbing the short end of the stick. From dealing with changes in label management, to changing producers, to simply leaving labels in general, Simms has been consistently moving throughout the music industry without ever really having the chance to stop for a minute and really plant some roots through the form of an album. Now these are the types of structural issues that would make many artists crumble; a factor that really proves the strength of Simms constitution. Despite so much movement, this all has never deterred her from chasing her ultimate goal, which she is once again taking another stab at.

Early this year Simms announced the arrival of her upcoming EP called From the Grave; a symbolic notion if there ever was one. This EP is the follow-up to her 2015 EP called All or Nothing, and like All Or Nothing, this EP is a self-release through Ju Ju Productions – with the EP being self-funded, and therefore very much under Simms own control and guidance.  Early last week, the EP itself went up for Pre-order, with Simms revealing the album cover and various merch bundles that one could purchase through the pre-order. Following up with the album cover and Pre-order release, Simms has been consistently posting snippets from the various songs on the EP on social media sites, most prominently being that of her Instagram account. The EP will include eight songs – one of which has just been released as the EP’s first single. As a way of bringing even more energy to the prospect of a new EP, Simms has released her first single, which very much describes the overall vibe of the entire EP. Beyond simply the single, Simms has also released the lyric video for the song, titled “Phoenix”. The song is very much a cross between a power ballad, and a rock song. These two layers, which flow seamlessly along with one another, create the kind of single that is able to reach out to a wide audience, and touch a variety of people. It is the kind of song that though in the begging seems to be that of a sadder anthem, really amps up into that of a declaration of strength of self. Likewise her lyrics prove to be another strong part of the song as they are clearly at the forefront of the song. Not to be overpowered by the musical counterparts of the song, the lyrics really make the overall intent of this EP crystal clear. It is not the story of redemption – rather it is the story of fighting your way to get where you want to go, no matter how many times circumstances may try to stop you.

With the forthcoming arrival of her new EP, Simms is once again taking aim at the larger dream that which has alluded her so far. Yet Simms is lucky in her case, as her fan base, referred to as the Snakes (due to it being one of Simms favorite animals), have stayed loyal to her despite the various changeups. This dedication is something that has enabled her to continue despite such hurdles, and is a privilege that very few performers are able to truly garner this day and age without some sort of gimmick or gambit. Instead, Simms raw talent and honest nature has enabled her fan base to truly connect with her as the artist and not as an image, and is something they have stayed connected with throughout her journey. In the end, only time will tell where Juliet Simms career will go, but, from the looks of it, her strength of will and her belief in her dreams is something that no one can stop and will keep this phoenix flying high.

From the Grave will be released July 15th, 2016, and is currently available for Pre-order online.


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