2016, from what we have seen of it so far, seems to be the year of the spontaneous drop. In the first beginning months of this year, more and more artists have spontaneously dropped new songs, videos, and even albums – with May 6th adding yet another artist to the ever growing list.  After three years with no new music, singer, actor, philanthropist, best-friend of Jimmy Fallon, member of one of the biggest boy-bands ever, Justin Timberlake has finally released a new single. Named “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, the song was dropped at midnight on May 5th, 2016, having only been teased a few hours earlier. This song is an accompaniment to Timberlake’s latest movie, Trolls, on which the song will be featured.

justin-timberlake-is-working-on-music-with-pharrell-williamsTeaming up with Pharrell Williams, this song bleeds with pop influences. The song starts off catchy and keeps up the upbeat pace throughout its entirety, infusing a variety of different techniques within its body so as to keep the beat from seeming generic. The pace of the song widely varies from time to time, slowing down and speeding up or reaching high peaks only to fall back to its central middle ground tempo. Overall it is a strong showing from Timberlake, who has been focusing on acting for the past couple of years, and thus is a good sign for what is set to come as he hinted recently. Following the release of the new single, Timberlake confirmed that he is in fact working on a new album, his first major piece of music since the release of his two part albums The 20/20 Experience Part 1 & 2, which were released in 2013.

Also, to accompany the drop of the new single, Timberlake also released a video to go along with the song – a casual take on a music video, one might think. The video begins with Timberlake in a room full of people which one is lead to believe is the first somewhat focus group/listening party for the track. The video, which shows off just how great Timberlake’s dance moves still are since his choreographed boy band days, goes on to then feature a variety of celebrities – from Anna Kendrick to James Gordon to Gwen Stefani driving in her car – all showing them lip-syncing the words to the song and, like Timberlake and his crew, having a good time doing it.  The casual atmosphere and lack of plot or overarching aesthetics keeps the video from taking away of the overall purpose of listening to the song, while the inclusion of famous faces keeps the video of being perceived as boring. Overall it is a good play on Timberlake’s part; giving the fans a taste of new music and a video that complement each other, instead of attempting too hard to play up the surprise factor. As Timberlake continues to show, he is a pro when it comes to the pop industry, never shying back from the chance to deliver something fresh and new to his fans.


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