Three weeks ago, I was stoked out of my mind. Kanye West had just announced that he was extending his spectacular Saint Pablo tour, in support of his new album The Life of Pablo. One of the first dates added to this leg kanye-west2of the tour was the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on November 23rd. I’ll be home in California for Thanksgiving on the 23rd, so naturally, I thought this must be fate. I snagged a ticket from a friend also attending the show. I had to. I really believed it to be my destiny.

But destiny, by dear friends, is one squirrely son of a bitch. I learned that the hard way last week, when word leaked that Kanye had cancelled the remainder of his shows for the year and has been hospitalized for “psychosis”. This hospitalization is  following his endorsement of President-elect Donald Trump and a series of crazed, politically-charged rants he’s given on stage. At his show in Sacramento on November 19th, Kanye took shots at Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Beyonce, and long-time friend Jay-Z, ending the concert after just thirty minutes.

We’ve always known Kanye West as a bit of an kanye-west-the-life-of-pablo-album-credits-1eccentric, to say the very least, and fans like myself have even learned to embrace that aspect of his personality. He just wouldn’t be Yeezy without a few screws loose up there. However, in light of recent events, it has become clear that Kanye has more than a couple nuts and bolts in the wrong places. I don’t know him personally, of course, but from what I’ve observed, the man seems to need serious help. And as much as I wanted to see his show, I can’t fault him for that.

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