Kanye West has been notorious for being trivial in his actions since the 2009 Taylor Swift interruption, and before than his raw emotions were placed in his music. He used his music to address the black stigma, and the reality of problems in black communities. We saw this come to life in his hit tracks Gold Digger and All Falls Down. The black community was supportive in his advances, because we knew there was truth in his words. He continued to display black issues as his albums progressed with songs like New Slaves and Black Skinhead on 2013’s Yeezus. In recent news, we have seen that Kanye’s closest relationships in hip hop have began to be ridiculed. He has been placed in tabloids week after week based upon his words, and actions. We have always known this to be how Kanye behaves, but his most recent choice of words has his fans loss for words. This past election has had our nation divided, and the safety of many not guaranteed. Many artists have spoken out on these issues, and have shown their support. The representation from artists being that music is one of the most influential forces is important. There have also been artists that who we thought more than anyone would defend us but they haven’t. One of them being Kanye West, and his views on the election as well as racism in America. In San Jose, CA during his performance, he challenged black people to stop talking about race. He also states that he would’ve vote for Trump if he participated in the election. These two statements weren’t the only thing he said, but were the ones that had the most impact on his fans. Social media went rapid with thoughts and comments on the basis of Kanye’s words. The main argument was that he is only capable of saying such things, because of his caliber. Some of his loyal fans were able to recall lyrics and words he’s stated about the government in the past, and they defended the lives of black people. A fan that was disheartened by his words wrote an extensive response on his thoughts. Check out the letter down below!





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