Watch as triple-threat star Keke Palmer stuns in new visual EP

Singer, dancer, and actress Keke Palmer released a visual extended play earlier this week titled Lauren.

The self-titled project features five tracks, all showcasing Palmer’s creative style, artistic ability, and vulnerability. Lauren drips with passion and vulnerability and explores the realness and transparency of Palmer.

Aside from music, the 22-year-old is currently a cast member on FOX’s Scream Queens and performed in Grease Live! earlier this year.

Palmer captivates viewers with a series of back-to-back videos with songs from the release. She stuns in each scene, which is different from the next. From a funky Afro and light blue fur jacket, to a red and orange two-piece camouflage set, the talented star complemented every song with an attention grabbing visual.

Peep the track-list below:

  1. Doubtful
  2. Got Me Fucked Up feat Dreezy
  3. Jealous
  4. Pressure
  5. Hands Free

Palmer opens the captivating EP in a black and white visual with “Doubtful.”She walks through the street with a black buttoned coat, while her dancers surrounded her, undressed. The visual then jumps to a a sassy, rebellious tune with Dreezy.

“Don’t let this TV make you think that you know me,” sings Palmer in “Jealous.” The track features a groovy R&B beat, that perfectly fits Palmer’s sultry tone.

In “Pressure,” the vocalist is shown singing in a recording studio rocking red locks. “He bringing that pressure….he won’t stop until he gets it,” sings the triple-threat star.

Palmer closes the EP with “Hands Free.” The song immediately commands you to dance, as the the beat takes control and creates a flow in the song . The video for the track features Palmer in the middle of the desert in an Egyptian themed dance number.

Palmer closes out her visual with a quote:

“This is my world, my truth, my journey.”

Keke’s EP is inspiring to many who are trying to pursue a career in the music industry. For those who want to release an EP like Keke’s, Here is a great article on how to release an ep independently. Releasing an EP independently means you can actually create your own work without any unwanted influences. It’ll also show your talent and only your talent, not the talent of any producers or managers, etc.

Check out Lauren below:

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