Kendrick Lamar collaborates again with the athletic brand Reebok to create a new sneaker, the “Kendrick Lamar Reebok C Club” that will be released January 13th . The sneakers will be available in unisex and children sizes and it will be priced at $109.99. These sneakers are a redesign of Reebok’s Club C shoe. These sneakers have a message which is symbolized by the black and white acid washed denim to represent the goal of racial equality. The shoes have black laces and have red accents on the tongues and heels of the shoe, which is representative of passion and power.  Kendrick’s nickname “KDot” is discretely placed on the shoe to symbolize the collaboration and Reebok’s label on the shoes is subtle in order for consumers to understand the message that is trying to be conveyed. According to Lamar this sneaker is a call to action for the people to create social change and to look beyond what is being directly stated, which he says he also does with his music. Kendrick Lamar is known for openly expressing his political beliefs whether it be through his lyrics of any of his projects such as this sneaker collaboration. Lamar and Reebok have been collaborating since 2014 when they partnered together to help the empower the youth. Lamar said he wanted to get involved with the brand because of it’s history of how it aims to help kids realize that there is no limit to their potential. Lamar wants to inspire those not only through his music but also through whatever he represents. This is the third time that the rapper has created a shoe with the brand. Kendrick previously released the ventilators, which advocated peace between gangs, and a leather sneaker called the “Perfect Split”.

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