And so the endless back and forth between Dr. Luke and Kesha goes on. This week has seen yet another battle waged in the war between Kesha and her music producer Dr. Luke, with whom the pop singer is currently in a widely publicized legal battle against. Yet this week, the fight took place out of the courtroom, yet still completely played out in the public eye. From one statement to another, the constant back and forth between Kesha and Kemosabe Records (Dr. Luke’s record label) has kept the heads of music fans alike spinning and their thumbs tweeting.

This debacle all centers on the upcoming Billboard Music Awards – at which Kesha is set to perform. Kesha had received consent from her record label, giving her permission to perform, which she needs due to still being under their management despite suing to get out from her contract. Yet, earlier this week, Dick Clark Productions, who run the Billboard Music Awards, made a statement saying that Kemosabe Records had subsequently recanted their consent and would not allow Kesha to perform at the award show, leading to the cancellation of her performance. This sparked outrage among fans, many of whom have made their support for Kesha very clear throughout the legal battle that has been going on. Kemosabe Productions later released a statement saying that, due to having heard rumor that Kesha was planning on using her performance as a way to take a stand against Dr. Luke and discuss her legal situation, would no longer allow the singer to perform at the awards show. Many news outlets reported that the chances of seeing Kesha and the label come to an agreement over the performance seemed grim. Yet apparently they were not grim enough as only a couple days later, on Thursday May 19th, it was then reported that Kesha would once again be performing at the awards show. Kesha herself released a Facebook statement saying that she had never been planning on doing anything other than performing, stating that she had planned to perform a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” , which, in light of the cancellation, she posted her own video of the cover on YouTube. Now, with her performance seemingly back on, who knows which way her performance will be directed now. Yet, until the awards show actually goes live, the fate of Kesha’s performance still couple be up in the air.

In the end, this is but yet one of many battles set to take place under the grander issue that is at hand. Until Kesha is able to get out from underneath her label, and subsequently the control of Dr. Luke, whom she has accused of physically and mentally assaulting her, the singer has proven that she will never stop fighting. Fighting for both her rights as a musician, and for the justice of all whom have been at the hands of sexual assault. A crusade with both a strong backing and a powerful message – Kesha has proven that she will not lay idle, but will fight for her music, and for the justice she deserves.


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