goodamericanThose who keep up with Khloé Kardashian on instagram know that the reality TV star has been promoting her new line of denim named “Good American”. The launch date for this new clothing line is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, October 18. Upon viewing the website at a cropped photo of Khloé can be seen holding up an American flag while wearing a white shirt with a deep neckline, a star pendant and what is more than likely one of her little sister Kylie’s lip kit colors.


Since the line of denim has not been released yet, there is not much up on the site. Across the header image of Khloé is the line’s release date and undeneath the photo this statement can be read in large black print, “There is a new definition of sexy. Inspired by their belief that every body deserves to be shown off, friends and collaborators Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede cofounded GOOD AMERICAN, a line of premium denim for sizes 0 to 24. Contour waistbands, stitching details and special fabrications give each pair a precise fit designed to flatter every curve”. It seems as if the intention of this denim line is to be inclusive of women of all body types. This point is further proven by the fact that one of the models for the new brand is plus sized model Jordyn Woods, one of Kylie Jenner’s friends. Very fitted jeans designed to show off the body’s curves are really popular right now and from the description Khloé’s jeans seem like they will fit right in with the trend. Since nearly everything the Kardashians touch seems to turn to gold, it’s safe to say that this denim collection will be a big hit.





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