Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months or so, the “Finesse Kid” himself, Kodak Black, was released from jail in South Carolina for a criminal sexual conduct charge on a $100,00 bond. With that being said, this highly anticipated return can only lead to one thing: his fans are looking forward to hearing from him and that involves new music and a new mindset to STAY OUT OF JAIL, but mostly new music. With his already well established rap career placed back on go, along with a pretty impressive list of rappers who he’s already collaborated with in the past, the average Kodak Black fan can only imagine what he has planned for 2017. The only problem is Kodak Black knows that everybody (including the haters of course) are watching his every move waiting to see what’s next. Thus building up anticipation to what will hopefully be an album release in 2017.

Since his internet breaking release from jail, the South Florida based rapper has yet to release a single and has only been featured on a handful of songs from other artists including Yo Gottie, Dej Loaf, and a long time childhood friend, Jackboy.

When Kodak isn’t flexed up on Instagram showing off his new money and clothes or posting videos of himself singing church music on a beautiful Sunday morning, he’s simply in the studio continuously teasing us on new music that has yet to be dropped.

Numerous fans have taken to social media to take out their frustration with Kodak and his constant teasing of unreleased songs.

Kodak and Christmas music doesn’t seem like the best combination to me, but you get the point. People are almost praying for a new project from this young man and Kodak is forcing everyone to develop what is considered by most to be the key to life: patience. Might I add that he hasn’t even done an interview so, even the professional bloggers are just as curious as the average fan. So for now, the only thing we can do is wait for the South Florida finesse kid  to either give us a clue, an album out the blue, or another meme of him eating spaghetti.

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