Lady Gaga was not happy with Tuesday’s results for the new President-elect. Many celebrities took to social media expressing their opinions over the election results but Lady Gaga took it to the streets, literally. The songstress, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, saw fit to take a stand right outside of Trump Tower.


At Clinton’s rally in North Carolina, Lady Gaga performed a duet with Bon Jovi and gave a speech for the Democratic Candidate. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga’s efforts would not be enough.

Early Wednesday morning, the Hillary Clinton supporter joined the peaceful protest amongst thousands outside Trump Tower in New York City.  The singer held a signed that read “Love Trump hates”. The singer also took to social media expressing her desire to live in a country of kindness. The singer also accused the new President-elect of dividing the country so carelessly. Lady Gaga took a stand for her beliefs amongst other demonstrators outside of Trump Tower that night.

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton surprised the world. The protest would be the first to ignite a series of others outside of Trump Tower, where demonstrators have protested every day afterward. Although Donald Trump did win by Electoral College votes, Hillary Clinton exceeds him in the popular votes by over 500,000.


Since then, Lady Gaga has taken part in a petition in hopes to cause the Electors of the Electoral College to change the state’s electoral votes so that the new President-elect is none other than Hillary Clinton.

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