Black women’s representation as actresses has been increasing throughout the past couple years. We have seen greats get the privilege of having leading roles in television shows and movies, which was less likely for black women years ago. Before this progression happened many black actresses were competing for the limited roles that were being offered. Now script writers are providing more room for women of color that don’t assume the role of the “ghetto” best friend or simply an extra. Lupita Nyong’o is one of the female actresses that has received the privilege of stepping into this new reform. We first saw her in her compelling role of 12 Years A Slave that won her Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. She is the first Kenyan, who is Mexican-born to win an Oscar. The experience we feel watching her on the screen is due to her full commitment as an actress in every role she’s been given.

As she continues to flourish, it doesn’t look like she has any intentions of stopping.  As some may take Nyong’o to be simply a Kenyan girl who hit fame she is very multifaceted. She is a fluent speaker of Spanish, Luo, English, and Swahili. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Hampshire College and has other family heavily involved at other universities. Her name has been referenced in several rap songs for the inspiration she has been to so many such as Lecrae and Jay Z. The media soaked in all of Nyong’o’s talent as well as her astonishing beauty. Her body structure is so elegant and editorial that magazine’s can’t seem to get enough. She has landed on multiple magazine covers such as Vogue, Essence, In Style, Lucky, Elle, People, and the lists goes on. In interviews when people have gotten the chance to discuss her fame she is nothing but humble and expresses her passions with every being of her body. All the other remarkable black actresses stand with her, because she breaks the mold. The confidence in the dark skin women has risen since she’s stood as representation. She has started redefining the definitions of beautiful in terms of the shade of your skin. The roles she’s been given have only gotten better. She is starring in the upcoming film Queen of Katwe September 23, 2016. We are all standing in the middle of history with all the Black Girl Magic occuring, and we sure hope to see more women being represented.


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