Through the plight he saw the light and made it to the other side. On September 9th Mar90s released his EP LifeBeforeDeath.  Before the project Mar90s released several loose tracks on the internet through SoundCloud. Although being a part of the very competitive Atlanta music scene he manages to shyne through the crowd and separates himself from the rest. Frequent collaborators of his include UnoTheActivist, ThouxanbanFauni, and MexikoDro. The EP holds 7 songs with production from Scoop, Polo Boy Shawty, Jett Dean, 100Staccs, Yung Icey and Plugs and a standalone feature from close friend and South Atlanta native UnoTheActivist.

Throughout the project Mar90s describes his new life free from drugs and how he chooses to spend his money. On the first song “My Kitchen,” he raps,”Lotta guap in my life now/ tell my jeweler I need ice now/ shining bright just like lights now/ I know she with me cause [of] a nigga lifestyle.” In the chorus he gives an ode to Gucci Mane saying,”Nothin’ work but the stove in my kitchen/ don’t nobody fuck wit’ my kitchen.” Gucci’s original line on his classic song “My Kitchen” is, “Pounds in the trashcan Gucci do the dishes/ don’t nobody, nobody fuck wit’ my kitchen.” Like many other young musicians in Atlanta you can hear the heavy influence from the Wop.

Unlike many others young Atlanta artists, Mar90s music is more than just him rapping – it has more of a motivational feel. He is a physical representation of coming from the bottom and ending up on top. On previous tracks like “Diamonds Froze”, “Unemployed” and ” First Day In The Trap,” he raps about his days hitting licks and thinking he would never make is out of his tough situation.  The fourth song “World Is Mine” is somewhat of a dedication to those times. The chorus reads, “I feel like the world is mine/ foreign coupe don’t even drive/ she just wanna take a ride/ fuckin that hoe anytime/ countin’ this up every time/ I feel like the world is mine.” As the song fades out you can hear a couple Playboi Carti adlibs but the song ends with no verse.

Overall Mar90s’ first project receives an 8.5/10, judge for yourself below.

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