The day goes better when the sun rises on his side, my light is important but I guess it’s better when he shines. It’s like he gets overwhelmed when life finds me important, I mean how could you be jealous of someone you adore? When he’s in the limelight, I smile and I support him, I mean that’s what lovers do because you support the ones you love right?

He walks a little different during times of his direction, he speaks a lot clearer when he flows to his discretion. Like seriously, I don’t get it, I’m supportive and I’m loyal, I find comfort in his support but here lately I’ve not been comfortable. I might gesture that he’s stubborn but only stubborn at my ignition, while  clear on my shortcomings, he’s oblivious to my significance.

I thrive when he thrives, I fly when he flies, his radiance, I encourage, his success I pray flourish ’cause I love ’em and when he’s down I put my cape on and when he falls, I help his ass up. I mean that’s what’s lovers do right? That’s apart about being in love.


The brighter my day, the colder my night, I’m losing patience as I find light. I still love him but I brace myself. I embrace him still but I must save myself. I mean ’cause that’s what lovers do right?

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