Lil Pump is an underground rapper from Miami-Dade County, Florida. He is working his way up the musical ladder. You can usually catch him with his best friend, another rapper that recently just signed to Alamo records, Smokepurpp.

Some of his most popular songs are LIL PUMP, Elementary, and Broke My Wrist ft. Smokepurpp. He also has quite a bit of features with other popular artist.

Every time a Lil Pump song is played, you can catch me banging my head, and jigging to it. This man really makes marvelous music.

One thing I love more than Lil Pump himself is his dreads. His hair has just gone through so many stages, and I enjoy watching it happen.

I recently just started locking my hair, so seeing all the different styles he pulls off really intrigues me as a dread head.

I’m not exactly sure of the time frame of the different stages of his dreads but the picture above seems to be where he first started his dreads. They’re short and skinny, usually that’s how people’s dreads start off.

In some of the early stages of his dreads, he put colored beads on them. I don’t think Lil Pump is African American, so it probably took awhile for them to lock up (because his hair isn’t as coarse). So, I think that he put beads on them to help the dreads stay in their place.

I myself often have trouble with my locks staying in place, so I usually put hair jewelry on them so they can stay still and lock correctly.

He also switched up the colors and put light pink beads on his dreads.

Lil Pump is also not afraid to dye his hair. Having dreads, it’s usually not a good idea to dye your hair because your hair can fall out. We see that didn’t stop him. He dyed them sapphire and emerald. I will admit they do look healthy, and well kept.


After that, he dyed them again! Blond this time, and he even added black rubber bands to the end of them, again, I think it was to hold them down in some sort of way. His hair is also becoming frizzy, which is also a stage of having dreads.

At a point, he started styling them in two pony tails, leaving some of the front dreads out.

The most recent, but probably not the last stage of his dreads was dyeing some here and there bright pink. The pink actually looks great. In this picture you can tell he actually got them retwisted and some of the rubber bands actually came off.

Throughout all of the different stages, his dreads became longer and thicker. They are actually beginning to lock up and they look healthy.

I’m excited to see what other ways he decides to style his dreads, and to see how his dreads flourish.

And yes, I did listen to Lil Pump while I wrote this.


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