In recent times, especially in the African American community, mental health has been severely stressed. We have addressed that maybe growing up or within ourselves we weren’t given the right to step away, and take a deep breath. As the numbers in suicide, and depression began to increase we understood there is no denying that this must be dealt with. As a result of mental health being something we strive to maintain, a lot of practical adjustments have been pushed via social media for our benefit. A lot of internet leaders are famous strictly off daily affirmations, and self-care regimens. This shows you the public is always in search of how to take care of themselves, and have an avenue where we can decompress. A woman who has been specifically known for this is Alex Elle, who provides ways she reduces excess worry in her life. Here are a few simple practical things that can help limit stress in your life.

1.  Coloring books: I know, sounds kiddy doesn’t it? But, it’s extremely satisfying, and relaxing to do something as simple as color. Also, spending time outdoors or in a peaceful scenery while you do this is great for your mental as well. A lot of convenience stores have begun selling adult coloring books, and making the pictures a little more complex. They did this so it feels more so as a form of relaxation than to feel like a kid.

2. Yoga/Meditation: Things such as stretching your body, balance, and long deep breaths provides a space for your mental capacity to take a break. Even if you are doing this throughout your day, separating a time for these activities would do major good. Also, physical activity releases endorphins which prevent things such as depression, anxiety, etc.

3. Arts & Crafts: This is a great way to feel like you’ve made a small accomplishment with just a little knowledge, and your hands. PinInterest provides wonderful little activities that you can do for relaxation purposes. In a society where we are constantly placed on a numerical system for everything. It’s great to simply do something for your enjoyment.

4. Post It!: Apply post-its around your home where you are most active every day. Whatever it is that you don’t tell yourself enough of that is encouraging, place on it. Read these as you get ready to go, or go to bed. It will constantly re shift your reflection on the good things about yourself despite what may have happened throughout the day.

I would never propose something like the practice of self-care, and not leave you with a challenge. It’s really easy to say we treat ourselves when we do it passively with things such as sleep, social media, and watching TV. It all depends on what you don’t give yourself enough time to enjoy, but just be intentional about treating yourself well. If arts/crafts are associated with your perception of self-care create a self-care box, and each day pull out a paper. When you pull out the paper intentionally make sure you do it before the day ends.

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