You want a song that’s going to get you in your feels, a song that’s gonna be, like, chill, or a song where you can, just like, pretend to be a boss ass bitch? 

In her latest single, Loners Club blends each of the three characteristics, perfectly, into You Won’t Choose Me, a song that speaks on the difficulty on the level of commitment in a relationship. Commitment is an element of love and relationships that resonates heavily with many today. With constant distractions, mixed emotions, and people in our ears, it can be difficult to find out where your commitment lies.  With a mellow, dream-esque R&B feel, Loners Clubs compliments the beat well with her gentle, sultry vocals , letting her significant other know that they could have something beautiful, smoke, gaze at the stars, and fulfill their heart’s desires, yet he chooses to leave.

In her visual, produced by Kevin Fortune, we see Loners Club shadowing her significant other’s actions, as he chooses to party, hang around his other friends, and entertain other women, while leaving Loners Club alone and in the dark. To watch the story unfold, watch Loners Club’s latest visual above.


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