Houston songstress, Macahl Jett, sat down with me and discussed all things pink, fruity, and icey with her upcoming project, Pink Pineapples , which is set to release tomorrow, and her recent single release, Icey Life.



Q: What’s the background behind “Icey Life?”

A: When I was writing the song, I wanted it to be a love song. I came up with the idea of two artists who are widely famous and in love. That’s where the idea came from. Two people who are living their dream life while having this undeniable love for each other



Q: What did you enjoy most about recording this song?

A: I really liked working with my friends, who helped me produce the song. They allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to be. So, to me, the creative flow was the best part. Everything came naturally.



Q: What was the film experience like for the “Icey Life” music video?

A: It was so dope! Ciara is an amazing videographer. I had a lot of my friends with me, but it was really fun and Ciara captured exactly what I wanted.



Q: What was your vision for the video?

A: So, my manager, Grace, and I came up with a few ideas, but I said I didn’t want to do the typical “love story.” In the beginning of the short film, “Out of Love,” there is a scene where everything turns super red, which stands for scandal. In the film, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko were cheating on each other. I wanted to do something different so, I got my vision from Twenty88.


Aside from Icey Life, Macahl gave us the inside deets on Pink Pineapples and what her fans can expect with her release TOMORROW!


Q: How did you settle on the Pink Pineapples as the name for your project?

A: Originally, the idea came from last summer, for some odd reason, I would always tweet with the pineapple and pink heart emoji all the time! So, a friend came up to me and asked if the emojis symbolized my next project. I said no, I hadn’t planned on it. The name of the project was something completely different, but the more I thought about “Pink Pineapples,” I realized how catchy it was. I looked more into the definition of Pink and Pineapples and what I found is, these words symbolize finding self-love and happiness in yourself, your friends, and others around you. I thought that was the perfect meaning for the project because it’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish this year and for this album. It all tied together perfectly!


Q: What kind of themes could your fans see throughout this project?

A: Well, there’s obviously a lot of the “girl in love with the guy,” the standard clapback at your haters. There’s a lot of hip-hop sound where you would expect a rapper to take over the beat, but it has my own flow and singing to it. There’s also a theme of loving music!


Q: How long did it take you to perfect this project?

A: I expected this project to be done during Christmas break. That’s the time frame I gave myself. I started this project around July/August of 2015. So, initially I was thinking of releasing it on January 1st, but the project was not what I wanted to be. I figured that I needed to spend more time on this project and be able to perfect it to my standards. I wanted to make sure it was right and I had a great engineer for this project. After doing some deep, deep thinking, I decided to release it on July 17th!


Q: What was the best part about creating this project?

A: The best part was working with the individuals that I worked with for this project and really giving everyone a chance to shine! This project was really a collective work. I made this project happen with some pretty dope people. When you find something that works, you stick with it. So, from now on this collective will definitely be a group of people I will turn to for future projects and singles. I don’t mind adding new people to the collective, but I don’t see myself subtracting anyone from the equation right now.

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Q: What’s something your fans can look forward to?

A: They can definitely look forward to a new sound that is different than my last sound. My last EP was recorded while I was in high school, so this project is me coming from a different place spiritually and emotionally. My maturity level has changed, I’ve grown vocally, spiritually, and as an adult. So, a lot of things I experience now will be on the album. Something that a lot of people in this generation can relate to. I hope this album makes people want to vibe out when they listen to it and picture themselves in certain situations when they hear my music.


Q: What kind of differences do you see between your last EP and this one?

A: Sonically, it’s completely different. The subject matter is different, as well as the genre’s. There is more of a modern hip-hop and R&B vibe to this project. I also wanted to add a little Houston influence to my sound, since that’s where I’m from. Also, I consider this project to be edgier and rawer. More like nitty and not so pretty. In the future, I hope to keep some of these aspects, but continue to grow with my sound and branch out.


Q: What are your ultimate goals for this project?

A: I just see a lot of people effin with it forreal! I personally think that there is some really good music on this project and I just hope that this allows my fan base to grow more. I want to reach a lot of people. Hopefully this project takes me in a direction that will better my career.


Listen to Icey Life NOW and stay tuned for the release of Pink Pineapples!

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