College students are all about making quick cash in anyway they can whether it be selling old books, working a part time job, or even selling their old clothes.

College students are also always constantly going to different events. The typical college girl has to go to football games, formals, date parties, swaps and the list goes on.

Some college girls are not ready to part with their old clothes, but still need to make quick money. If you are one of those people then there is a solution for you.

The Curtsy app allows women to rent their clothes from each other. This app was first started on the Ole Miss Campus in the fall of 2015. Curtsy is now on 35 campuses in the southeast.

How the app works is you simply post pictures of the clothes that you want to rent out to potential customers. You set your own price, although Curtsy does recommend a price for you based on the retail price of your item.

If someone is interested in your item, they will reserve it through the app. Once it is reserved the renter has 48 hours to try it on. If the dress doesn’t fit, just cancel your reservation. If the garment does fit then it is between the renter and owner to decide on when and where to meet up for the exchanges.Through the app you can take care of things such as payment with your card, setting up a return date, and so on.

Curtsy even offers users an opportunity to work for them. The Curtsy app offers positions such as Campus Director, instagram manager, Event manager, and even offers internships.

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