March is the most anticipated month for college basketball. 68 collegiate basketball teams face off in a single-elimination tournament to determine who will have the ultimate bragging rights to NCAA Division I title.

Down to the final four teams, the last past weeks have been rough. There have been a couple upsets, (Kentucky losing to North Carolina), being one of them but some cinderella stories as well. Kentucky leads the NCAA program with 56 NCAA tournament appearances. With 2,237 all-time wins and .765 all-time winning percentage, Kentucky is the most successful NCAA Division I basketball program in history.

Numbers don’t lie so with that fact alone, there’s probably millions of busted brackets! Kentucky has a young team and although they didn’t make it all the way this year, there’s a good chance they’ll make up for it next season.

Kansas took out Purdue by almost 30 points headed to the final four. Oregon tumbled over the number one seed, Kansas, like nobody’s business ending the game 60-74. Oregon seals the deal and secures their spot for in the final four.

The fourth ranking seed Florida put up a tidy fight against South Carolina but did not come out on top. South Carolina ended the game with 77-70 over Florida to secure their spot in the final four. They’re next up against Oregon.

Gonzaga, a number one seed,  barely held down its position in the elite-eight against Xavier. Xavier fell extremely short in their quest to the final-four. Gonzaga ended the game with an 83-59 win over Xavier. Gonzaga will take on South Carolina in the final four to secure their chance at the title.

Out of 68 teams, how many of your teams are still lasting?


-Plychette Montgomery




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