Q: What is your “story?”

A: I’m originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved to North Carolina when I was young, but I still considered myself a Cali kid because of the influence from my family. When I was eight, my mom and I moved to Atlanta and I’ve been here ever since. I consider it my home. 


Q: Although you were pretty young, do you feel your Cali roots influence your music?

A: I do, but more along the new eras of California rap. I used to listen to jerk music, heavily, like it was everyday music, but for the most part, I’m influenced by various artists across the country. 


Q: Are there any specific artists that are key influencers on your music?

A: Future and Andre 3000 are my main influences, but I also listen to my own music to spot the potential in having my own style of music. 


Q: Do you produce any music at all, or is rapping your main focus?

A: I’m a beginner at producing, but I do mix my own music. 


Q: So, tell me about some of your current projects and/or upcoming projects.

A: Well, I’ve released SoundWave, that was my first project. It was used as an outlet to showcase the beginning stages of my progression in the music industry. Every song comes from a different angle in Soundwave. As far as future projects, I’ve been creating a number of songs lately, so I am thinking about releasing another project soon. 


Q: What is your ultimate career goal?

A: My ultimate goal is to one day have my music recognized and respected by everyone. It is my hope to, one day, build revenue from my music as well. 


Q: Finally, is there anything you would like your current and prospective fans to know?

A: Yes, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me thus far. I can’t wait for you guys to see what is next and I hope you can continue to follow me through my progression. Watch out for good music soon! 

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