You would never meet someone who’s work is as vibrant as 22 year old pop artist, Justice Dwight. He is originally from Plainfield, New Jersey but resides in Richmond, Virginia.

“I started painting around the age of 6 because my father was a painter and watching  him really made me want to start. I was really inspired.”

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As a young child, Justice observed and pretty much got his painting style from his father. Both of their artwork have the same elegance and uniqueness about it. He started painting professionally in 2013 because he had dropped out of college.

“I didn’t know what else to do, but I did know I could paint.”

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Justice’s artwork is Afro pop, its described that way because it’s like pop art but its focused on people of color. A Justice type of painting would conclude of a famous African-American, a popular African-American character or portraits of models and everyday regular-degular people. If he comes across characters that are Caucasian, he flips the script and makes the skin shades pop from albino to ebony. That’s one of the interesting things about him as an artist.

“I would also describe my work as being bold, colorful, and energetic.”

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Painting is something that Justice will carry around with him forever. He’s gone too far to stop and look back in his past. Justice is extremely experienced in the art world. He often shows his work off at fashion shows, art shows and many different events. He also sells it to make a living.

“Painting to me is everything. I’m at my happiest when I get to pick up a paint brush and create something that I truly want to create.”

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He looks up to his father of course and many other artist. His favorite artist in the underground art scene is Alim Smith.

“I love this one guy named Alim Smith, his work is incredible.”

Outside of the underground scene, he looks up to Kehinde Wiley, majorly.

“I love Kehinde Wiley. I got to see his exhibit at the VMFA for my birthday, it was amazing.”

This glowing young man is not afraid to keep doing what works for him. He has a healthy sense of direction when it comes to a new piece of art, or rethinking over old ideas. Justice will continue putting his all into his artwork and incorporating people of color into his work.

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He’s only getting better by the day, watch out.

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