Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, I grew up around a family full of artists in all kinds of concentrations. Throughout my teenage years dance quickly became my extracurricular activity of choice, and ultimately became my first artistic love next to choral singing. Since graduating high school and heading off to college, my focus has switched from performing arts to visual arts, and that’s how I was able to discover my love for painting and sculpture. I just love to work with my hands and witness the art that I am able to create come to life, all the way from an idea to a tangible product. At only 20 years old, being new to the Atlanta art scene has only motivated me to continue painting, creating, and sharing my eccentric visions with those who are willing to experience them.


“out of focus” 20x24in acrylic on canvas, $120


"willis the lion" 11x14 watercolor portrait, not for sale


“flora” 11x14in watercolor painting, not for sale


“i didn’t wanna call myself crazy so i painted it” 16x20in acrylic on canvas, SOLD


“charlotte’s web” 16x20in acrylic on canvas, $100


“say less” 11x14in acrylic on canvas, SOLD

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awkward. college student. entrepreneur. womanist. radiant. lover of all things. growing, blossoming each moment.

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